Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Olivia is 2 months old

Our lite Liv is the sweetest baby EVER!!!! She really does go with the flow when it comes to this crazy life our little family lives. Daddy is with the Cleveland Indians, so FINALLY I packed all 4 of us girls up and little Liv had her first plane ride at just 10 weeks old! She was such a trooper too, she never made a peep and spelt most of the time. And waiting on the other side was her daddy, who hadn't seen her since she was three weeks old!! It was so special to have the FIVE of us together again.
Another big adventure for her this month was going to Chicago to watch daddy play the White Sox; again she did amazing. It was a wonderful trip with lots of neat adventures. I'm so blessed to have this little girl and her sisters and daddy in my life.
Right now Livy's favorite things are her bath time, being in the Ergo carrier, talking to her sisters and eating. At her two month check up she weighed 10 lbs 6oz. She sleeps about 6-8 hours straight at night (which is a different and welcomed experience for me and her daddy). She is getting so big and smiling (and giggling) more everyday, she makes us all smile everyday. It's so fun to watch her change and start new things and since she is my third I know how fast time goes, so I'm really soaking it up and enjoying every moment.

My little love bug

Ready for her night in Chicago 

Livy's first baseball game!!!

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