Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well seeing how the summer is coming to an end, I thought I should post a couple of pictures that highlight the great summer that we had as a family of four!!! Also I'm doing it this way because I have been a terrible blogger.....I'm going to strive to be better!!!!!

Me and my girls :-)
The four goofballs
Such a big girl......it was harder for mommy to have her go by herself!
at Papa Bills horse show
Cutie Pies
Little Daredevil at the CA State Fair
Silly Girls
I just adore my little froggy and ducky
Beach babe!!!
My sweet heart
Ready for the Lake!!!
My ray of sunshine!
Kenzie with her BFF Lily
Eating Watermelon at the Lake
The three most important people in my life :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

8 and 9 months old!!!

Cutie Pie
"not sure mama"
Could I be any cuter?
Still happy even though it was 90+ degrees in North Carolina
Good Morning
LOVES to give kisses!!!
She LOVES to make this scrunchie face :-)
My little cooks
My baby
Gosh have I've been a terrible blogger!!! But our life has changed a bit in the last month or so; on July 31st Matt and was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays and left at 8am the next morning, which left me with two kiddos, two dogs and two cars that needed to be packed up! No worries my Mama and Sis came to my rescue and we loaded up my life and moved home.

We are now back east with Matt and so happy to have this little family together again; it was three weeks that we were apart (way too long).

As for our precious little girl......Addison is incredible! I thank the lord everyday for blessing me with such amazing children.

Addie is so on the move and is into EVERYTHING.....I vacuumed twice a day at home because if she finds anything on the floor it goes directly in her mouth. She also loves to open drawers, lift the toilet seat, and of course play with ALL her sisters toys. On of her favorite toys right now is baby dolls...LOVES THEM. She crawls around the entire house holding on to the doll, it cracks me up!
She is really good at saying Mama and Dada now and also Nana.....not sure if she is knows what she is saying but we love to hear it.
As of late she has decided that baby food is not nearly as good as table food; so I'm going to finish what we have in the pantry and that might be it for baby food! She LOVES to feed herself, she can now eat cut up chicken, carrots, cheese, crackers, puffs and pretty much anything that we are eating minus honey, peanuts and chocolate of course.
There are now 8 teeth in her little mouth and I just love to see those little pearly whites when she smiles at me. She is so stinking cute and such a happy baby, always goes with the flow. We are so lucky to have this little angel in our lives.