Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our girls

I just had to post these pictures, just so everyone can see how Mackenzie face just spells happiness when she is around her sister. She always wants to hold her and she is just the happiest girl in the world when she gets too!!!

Our 2 year old

Mackenzie turned two a week ago and again as I always say, its crazy how fast they grow! She of course made out like a bandit with toys, she got a tricycle, a race track, table and chairs for her tea time, and much more. She had a blast too; the theme was Cars the movie (which is her favorite) actually she is obsessed with any car and horses so we decided to do cars for this birthday and maybe we can do a horse theme for the next one :-)

Everyday my child amazes me with the words that she is saying and the things that she is doing. She has become very fond of the word "no" which is so much fun for Momma. She is such a little talker too.....never stops!!! Pottey training has taken a step back since Addison has arrived but we are making a little hopefully in a couple of months she will be wearing big girl panties. Other Mackenzie's favorites are: her tea set, her baby dolls, her dogs and of course her new little baby sister.

She really has been so amazing with Addison, she loves to watch diaper changes, bath time, feeding and just watching Addie sleep. She tells me that she wants Addie to "sit" and she points to the floor so she can "read book Addie". I know she cant wait for her to get a little bigger so she can play with her. She kisses her 100 times a day and LOVES to give Addie her binky. One funny story is when Matt was sitting with Addison and Kenze on the couch, Addsion started to get fussy and Kenzie got up grabbed Addie's binky and gave it to Matt and said "here daddy" and then goes and sits back down to continue watching her show on TV!
She truly has made this adjustment from being a mom of one to a mom of two pretty easy and enjoyable. I just love her so much I want to cry sometimes!