Friday, December 9, 2011


We had such a great thanksgiving.....we headed up to Lake Tahoe with Matt's family and stayed with family friends...The Acevedo's. Love these people and love going there, we all had such an amazing time with lots of good company, food, games, relaxing and wine :-)

Our attempt at a picture with all the kids......
Playing games
An adventure walk with Grandma
Such a big girl
My little sweetheart
Mommy and Daddy
Birthday girl!!!!
Kenzie with her friend Daisy

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Party Time!!!

We Celebrated little miss Addie's B-Day on the 19th....she had a BLAST!!!!!!

Getting so big

Instead if eating her cake....she took pieces off and gave them to people

Addie and Jocelyn
Addie with her friends
Addie with her little BFF Ellie

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Miss Addie turns one!!!!!!!!

Little Addie......

You are such an amazing little girl and this pass year has been such a blessing for your Mommy, Daddy and big sister Kenzie.
We love you so much and are so thankful that you are in our lives.
You are such a spirited, happy and loving little girl

You love your sister (most of the time) and want to do EVERYTHING she does
You LOVE to dance, and bust a move any chance you get
You are such an amazing walker now....there is absolutely NO crawling in your little world
Feeding yourself is a MUST in your world and your really getting great at it!
You LOVE to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy in bed starting around 3am
You and Daddy love to sleep in together most mornings
You LOVE your baby dolls and love pushing them around in their stroller
You LOVE the outdoors and are starting to really explore them
You LOVE to give kisses, especially when someone gives you ice cream!

We just LOVE everything about you and are so LUCKY to be your parents!

A princess affair......

My Princess
All ready to go
Her crown that she made
Getting her face painted :-)

Kenzie went to her first princess party for her little friend Abby's birthday. She of course had to be Rapunzel (she calls it Tangled), she had such a fun time...such a cute little party!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We came back a little sooner from the Dominican and were able to celebrate Halloween at home!!!! Our two little bumblebees were SO cute and they had SO much fun!!!!!

Addie Walks!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11 Months Old

Who has been a terrible blogger.....that would be me!!! holy heck its been awhile since I've been on here and so much has happen with this little family of ours especially our little miss Addie Reese.
She is getting to be such a big girl and one of the BIGGEST things she has done in the past month is.....WALK!! She is getting better and better at it everyday. Right now she can take about 10 steps in a row. It blows my mind that my little girl is going to be one and she is walking...where does the time go!!!
She is also starting to say a couple of words....Mama, Dada and points at everything she wants and says "dat" (that), and if we don't respond to her little wants "Dat" gets louder and louder! And I thought Kenzie had a set of lungs on her, Addie is keeping up with her just fine.

Addie has 12 teeth total now....crazy! She has 3 molars (that was a couple of tough weeks for ALL of us) and because of these pearly whites, she pretty much eats anything and everything. Her favorite foods right now are carrots, blueberries, cheese, watermelon, Mac n Cheese, peas, chicken, Steak, yogurt, ham, turkey and ice cream. She also LOVES anything her Daddy brings back from his hunting adventures (I'm still amazed by that one).
We are going to have her little party this weekend and I cannot wait to watch this little muchkin eat her big cake!

LOVE this little girl with all my heart and soul!!!!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our 10 month old......

Smiley Girl
Beach Babe
Watching her Daddy and sister....oh and the birds!
Helping mommy
Just chillin
"say cheese"

Little miss Addie is 10 months, I have officially started planning her little birthday and I cannot believe it!!! She has changed so much in the past month and is getting bigger every single day. She absolutely HATES baby food and will not open her mouth for that stuff anymore (even if we pin her arms me we have tried) so she is on to bigger and better food. She eats whatever we (or her sister) are eating. Her favorites include, blueberries, cheese, mac n cheese, spaghetti, toast and pancakes. She has 8 little teeth now and is really good at chewing (or I should say gumming) the food. Another thing that little miss Addie is good at is being a monkey.....well at least climbing like one. That kid can climb on almost anything now and knows how to climb down as well.....crazy! She is up on the couch then down, then up on the ottoman then down, and it goes on and on all day. She literally wears her little self out.
She has also taken 4 steps all by herself!!!!! So now I have been following her with the video camera just waiting to catch those little steps on video!!! So exciting but sad at the same time that my baby girl is growing up.

Addie loves to give kisses, dance (so amusing), snuggle with mommy and daddy in bed, be outside, play with her dolls (or anything that is her sisters), her doggies (can't really say the same for them), and her MOST favorite thing in the her little world at the moment is taking a bath (with her sister of course) pretty much ANYTHING that Kenze is doing Addie is usually right behind her...I love it!

She is my little happy, sweet, loving, ball of fire and I just adore that little girl!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A girl and her pony........

One of Kenzie's favorite things in her little world right now is her pony Barbie. EVERYDAY she asks me "we gonna go see Barbie" or "Mommy I wanna go ride Barbie". She is getting much better and a lot more comfortable about being around her, brushing her, giving her treats and even riding her. I have noticed that if Mommy is riding then she tends to want to ride a lot longer, but mainly she just wants to lead Barbs (thats what she calls her) everywhere. I cannot wait for Kenze to get bigger and better and her and Mommy can go on a trail ride together.

Monday, September 19, 2011

North Carolina

Matt was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays and was in Durham, NC for with triple A team. The girls, grandma and I met him out there and loved every minute! I loved Durham and all it had to offer us, especially the baseball much history. We survived Hurricane Irene and Kenze enjoyed all the cool thunderstorms. We visited Duke University, went to museums, explored the local farmers market, ate at some yummy restaurants, watched baseball and got to catch up with old friends. All in all it was a fun (and sometimes wet) trip.

Ready for Daddy's Baseball game
With Wool-E-Bull
Having fun on the carousel
Durham Ballpark
This is how they watched the thunderstorms...they were obsessed with these windows.
At Duke gardens
At the end of Duke was sooooo hot and we left the stroller in the car :-/
A neat flower at the gardens
at the Raliegh Farmers Market
the pool was a MUST in that hot weather!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Well seeing how the summer is coming to an end, I thought I should post a couple of pictures that highlight the great summer that we had as a family of four!!! Also I'm doing it this way because I have been a terrible blogger.....I'm going to strive to be better!!!!!

Me and my girls :-)
The four goofballs
Such a big was harder for mommy to have her go by herself!
at Papa Bills horse show
Cutie Pies
Little Daredevil at the CA State Fair
Silly Girls
I just adore my little froggy and ducky
Beach babe!!!
My sweet heart
Ready for the Lake!!!
My ray of sunshine!
Kenzie with her BFF Lily
Eating Watermelon at the Lake
The three most important people in my life :-)