Friday, January 28, 2011

Addison is 2 months old :-)

Happy Girl
Crazy Hair
Addie and her best friend Elsie (only 2 hours apart)
Our little Addie is getting so big! She is such a wonderful baby and makes me smile every minute of the day. She is starting to smile herself too and tell us little stories, she also recognizes her Mommy (who is her favorite person right now). She is a great sleeper and loves a schedule; she takes about 4 to 5 naps a day and also sleeps 5 to 6 hours straight at night and loves to be swaddled tight and rocked to sleep. She also has such amazing patience with all of us....especially her big sister who cannot get enough of her!

Her hair is a brown right now but she has blond growing in, so I'm anxious to see what color it will be. Her eyes are a light blue and her lashes are getting long and thick (which is what every woman wants), she also has such an amazing smile with the cutest little dimple to go along with it. I just love to stare and talk to her, she is truly the sweetest most lovable baby, we are so in love!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My new Obsession

My sister got me hooked on this site and I LOVE it!!!!! Makes me smile :-)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Addison is 1 month old

Matching Outfits :-)

With Uncle Kywoo :-)
Addison always has two people giving her a bottle :-)

It has been a very blessed but a little stressful month....Addison has taught me that true fact that not all kiddos are alike!!! Poor little thing I was doing all the things that I did with Kenzie and just assumed thats what all babies like.....boy was I wrong!!! Addison is also very vocal and will let you know the minute she is upset or wants something. So through trial and lots of error I have now realized that Addison loves to be swaddled really tight (kenzie did not), she loves for you to hold her swaddled and dance and sing to her, she also LOVES her not let this little child get overtired or you will be in for it!!!! Eating of course is her most favorite thing...she never lost any weight from the hospital and at her two week check up she had already gained 16oz and grew 3 inches...YIKES!!! She is a little weed and we love it.

Addison has also taught me that your heart grows the minute you have another child....I love this little baby so much it hurts and I cannot wait (but I can a little) for her to grow and change before our eyes.

Christmas and New Years 2010

Christmas Morning
Oh wow look what santa got for me!!!
Our little cook
Matt and his siblings (we never get a pic of them together)
This is what the Grandmas got from Mac and Addie
Kenzie outside the Biltmore

We had a really great Christmas and New Years this year, Mackenzie of course made out big this year with all her presents. She got her first little kitchen and loves it....she cooks us something different every night. She also got lots of coloring things, pots and pans, stuffed animals, books, clothes, bath toys and the list goes on and on. Between her birthday and Christmas she started to ask me everyday if she could open a present! Addison also got a few things of her own too and soon she will be able to enjoy them.
For New Years Eve we packed up the entire family and drove to Arizona for our good friend Mark's wedding. It was a short but very fun trip, we stayed at the Arizona Biltmore and it was the first time that Matt and I were away from the girls for more than two hours!! After we rang in the New Year with great friends we went back to a room of sleeping kiddos!! Grandma and Papa did a great job getting them to go to sleep and it was soooo nice for Mommy and Daddy to get a little time away :-)

We are so excited for 2011 and we feel so blessed for our girls.....its going to be an amazing year watching them change and grow....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!