Sunday, September 13, 2009

9 Months!

Mackenzie is nine months old!!!! We cannot believe how big our little girl is getting; everyday she changes more and more. She is still crawling like a champ and is ALL over the place, she now knows how to move her safety gates (not good for mama) and gets so excited when she gets out! She is into every drawer, cabinet, bag and pretty much anything else she can get her little hands on. She has a couple of new words, she can say uh oh (she says it after I do) and she says baby; she also understands no (so funny) and she understands when I say "come to Mama". She can now cruise from furniture to furniture and I know walking is in our near future (oh boy).
Some of Mackenzie's favorites are: Swimming (she can now get dunked with mama), Avocado's (cannot ever get enough) and her Daddy reading her books to her.
It has been a crazy past couple of weeks for little Mac, she now has 6 teeth total and trust me we are so happy that they are all out and we are all sleeping great again! We have also been traveling like crazy this month, first Mac and I and the dogs drove back home for a couple of days to visit family and pack up our house that we sold, then we flew to Salt Lake to watch Daddy play baseball and ended up staying a couple more days with our friends the Kings and it was so much fun for Mac because she got to hang out with all the kiddos. She Especially loved little Sophie, she kept hugging and kissing her it was so cute! Oh and between all of this craziness we also went to the doctors and Mac is super healthy and growing like a champ. She weighs 21 1/2 pounds (90%) and is 281/2 inches long (90%). She just could not be anymore perfect and everyday she just melts my heart even more!

I love my Debit Card!!!

Pearly Whites!!