Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our 3 Month Old

Sweet Pea

Papa and all his girls :-)

Mac and Addie.....two peas in a pod :-)

Addison just turned 3 months old and even with our second, it amazes me how much babies grow and change. We have the most wonderful 3 month old, she laughs, coos, smiles and talks ALL the time! She is also a wonderful sleeper (which is something I am not used to..haha) and let me tell you, she NEEDS her sleep! Once nap time roles around and if she is not swaddled in her bed...WATCH OUT! Its the simple things that please her and yes being swaddled in her blanket and bouncing her on her ball (its a big exercise ball that we bounce on with her) puts this little girl to sleep in a matter of minutes! But this little routine is hard to do when we are out and we are working on that.

She absolutely ADORES her big sister.....all it takes is Kenzie's voice and Addison has the biggest smile on her face. Lately I tell Kenze to jump and dance for Addie and when she does Addison just laughs....I swear she can watch Kenze for hours.

She is a BIG talker....she has so much to tell us and we love to listen. She is starting to talk while we are in the car too...I love that!

She is a growing happy baby and we could not be any more proud of our baby girl.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum in Phoenix and Kenzie (and Matt) had a blast! She played for about 3 hours straight and loved every moment. Such a great place to take kids; but unfortunately has A LOT of germs and poor Matt had to suffer through that for a couple of days. Yes he played with EVERYTHING too...haha.

Grocery Shopping....... many things
She is so proud of her basket!
Getting ready to paint
So fun :-)
Our little angel that had fun with mama while her sister played :-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"She thinks my tractors sexy"

My husband has worked so hard this offseason on our property trying to make it a wonderful home for us. I complain sometimes that he spends more time on that darn tractor of his than he does inside the house! But it has payed off. He bought this little tractor at the end of the season last year and oh my goodness he was seriously a kid in a candy store with that thing all offseason long! Here are some pictures of all the work that he has done....oh and I guess I do think his tractor is a little sexy :-)
The Tractor
His new batting cage :-)
Our new entrance....with trees :-)
She loves to go on rides with daddy :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little piece of Mac

LOVES the park :-)
This is what we found when kenzie fed Ruby....she HAD to bring ruby the food :-)
......and she found her as she was telling Zoey "bad dog" because its RUBY'S food!!!
Such a big more high chair!!!

A little update on our BIG girl....Mackenzie is such a little crack up lately. She is now saying things that Matt and I cannot stop laughing at. The latest is EVERYTHING is beautiful "oh mommy that is beautiful" or "look mommy the stars and moon, they are beautiful." Matt and I call her a little parrot because she repeats EVERYTHING we say and do! We also taught her the song "Shake shake shake...shake your bootie" It is the funniest thing to hear when she sings it!
She adores Addison and Addie likes her too, whenever Mackenzie talks to her Addie smiles and looks so happy. She also adores all her grandparents and her Uncle Tay Tay and aunt boobie and she cannot get enough of her dogs and they are sooooo patient with her.
She can count from 1 to 10 and knows all her ABC's and the song too! We are working on her colors, right now everything is either red or pink (such the princess).
We are sooooo proud of our little girl and are enjoying every little moment of her :-)