Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came today for little Mackenzie and brought her all sorts of things! But she was way more interested in the wrapping:-) She also got to wear her beautiful Easter dress and go to her daddy's game with her Grandma Jayne, Aunt Nicole and Uncle Kyle; who all came to visit for Easter. It was such a fun full day for Little Mac:-)

So much fun Mama!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

4 Months Old!

Our little Angel is growing up so fast she is 4 months and a week old today. This past month has been a big one for little Mac. She can now roll over from her back to her tummy and because of that she is spending so much time on her tummy, I swear she is going to crawl before she sits up on her own! She laughs all the time now and its the cutest laugh we have ever heard. Everything goes in Mackenzie's mouth no matter what you give her she puts it right in; so funny!

She was weighed a week ago at her 4 month check up and she is 16lbs 2oz and 26 inches long (such a big girl!!). After spring training we went home for a week and stayed on the ranch where Mackenzie got to see all of our family and a horse for the first time:-) She was not real sure what it was but like to look at it run around the pen.

We are now in Sacramento for the season and getting settled into our routine. Mackenzie is getting so good at traveling it took us about eight hours to get here and she did so amazing! Mama went and got her so many toys so she had plenty to do the whole way up here.

Now are next challenge is 7:00pm baseball games, this should be really interesting since Mac is usually in bed no later than 9:00pm:-) But she is such a little trooper that I know she will be great because she is our little baseball baby:-)
Me and Nana:-)

Daddy's Little Girl
#1 A's Fan

Thanks for the robe Grandpa Ted and Alta!