Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Girls
The guys enjoying the Game
Addie and I with Aunti Nicole....Addie wants her wine..Ha!
Me and my babies
With Daddy in the dugout
Happy Girl
Happy Girl
Her Daddy's Biggest Fan
This is as good as its going to get...ha!

We had a wonderful Father's Day with Family and Friends and of course baseball :-) The girls are so lucky to have such an amazing daddy!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Addie is 6 Months

Sweet Girl
I love kisses from Daddy
Chillin some more
Sweet kisses from Kenze
Eating Watermelon
Having fun with her toys :-)

Our little girl is getting so big! She is changing so much everyday and her little personality is starting to really show. We call her our little smiley girl because that is all she does is smile.
She has another tooth and one trying to pop through, which makes it three teeth total and of course that makes her smiles even cuter! She has also mastered another big milestone this month...crawling! She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks and then pulls with her arms everywhere; its not the best crawling at the moment but she gets where she needs to go! So now once again its time to baby proof.
Some of Addies favorites are: her daddy (truly the number one man in her life), her sister (hence the crawling already...she wants to do everything kenzie does) mommy's makeup, sippy cups, water bottles, mommy's phone, oatmeal, carrots and tomatoes, avocado's, and her little giraffe sophie :-)
She is a wonderful sleeper...actually she loves to sleep; she gets that from her daddy! We are still trying to work on food, she is definitely my picky eater. Some days are better than others, so we are starting the homemade baby food with the intentions that she starts eating a little better.
We are all enjoying every moment of this little one, she makes all of us melt :-)