Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 Months Old!

Mackenzie is 2 months old and is changing everyday. She is smiling at us all the time now and telling us stories too (soo CUTE!). Last week she went to the doctors and had her first shots (not a good day for her); she weighs 12lbs 2 oz (90th percentile) and 24 inches long (97th percentile) such a big girl. She can lift her head really good now when she is on her belly and loves to stand (with a little help). Her favorite place in the world is her changing table, that's where she tells her biggest stories! I love kissing her cheeks; I cant stop!

Its baseball season again so we packed up the cars on Sunday and all of us (dogs included) headed to Arizona. Matt is with the Oakland Athletics now so we got to only drive 4 hours instead of across the country (so nice). Mackenzie did great on the drive until the very end, when she was ready to play and not sit in her seat. We are now getting settled into a routine in our condo here in Arizona; we are excited to start watching Daddy play baseball and also excited to see all of our friends!

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Two peas in a pod!

Sacked Out!

Wow! Look at me stand!