Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Before we left for the Dominican we went to the pumpkin patch at home and it was the only cold day in California so Mac got to wear her cute little fall outfits! We had such a great time going with Grandma and seeing the animals and crawling all around the pumpkins:-) Hope everyone has a very spooky Halloween!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Months!

I can't believe that 10 months have gone bye; it really does seem like yesterday that we brought Mackenzie home, and of course she is still amazing us everyday with her new and old little ways. One of her favorite things to do is reading her books, she flips through all the pages and just talks to herself and tells her own version of the story. Her favorite book is "Where's Spot" because she loves to flip up all the different pages (well the pages that she has not torn off). She has now learned some of her songs too; when we sing Old Mac Donald to her she can also say Ee--i--ee-i-0 and when we say patty cake she starts to clap her hands (so cute).
Its getting really hard to hold Mac these days because all she wants is down!! Which was not really fun towards the end at the baseball games (godbless the family room!) She still crawls like a little champ and cruises and still pulls up on everything. She is starting to let go and sometimes will walk to us without help if we are sitting really really close to one another:-)
It has not only been a busy month for little Mac but also for Mommy and Daddy too; We sold and moved out of our old house and now are in escrow on a new house! For the time being we are staying on Grandma and Grandpa's ranch (which is so much fun) and we will also be in the Dominican Republic for a little while too because Daddy will be playing baseball there.

We love our life and thank God everyday for all the blessings that he has sent to us!

Matt, Lisa and Mac