Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Day

Our Angel

With Daddy at the Game
Mac's Basket
Addie's Basket
Wow look at all my things!!!
Trying on her new boots :-)
On her Easter Egg Hunt
The gift at the end of her line......
it was a big hit!!!

Easter was a great day....Kenzie woke up to eggs in her bed on her floor, leading her downstairs to her big easter basket....the Easter Bunny came!!!!!! Her and Addie had big baskets full of lots of goodies just for them!! Then it was a wonderful relaxing morning with a yummy brunch and then we were off to daddy's game. After the game Kenzie got to do her Easter egg hunt line.....Matt used to do it when he was little.....its a long line of yarn that you follow and on the line there is lots of goodies and eggs just for you!!! At the end of Kenzie's line was the most adorable potty chair....I think this just might be the trick to seal the deal on potty training!!! After the hunt we had a very yummy dinner and chocolate mouse egg cake...yum! It was a wonderful day...we are all so fortunate to have each other and have such a wonderful family...I am so thankful for everyone in my life and feel so blessed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Watching Tangled (a early Easter gift)
Uncle Ky-Woo
Addie and her Aunti Nicole
Coloring eggs
Terrible picture of mama...but great of my little girl....so I had to post it!!!
Daddy's egg
Funny Uncle Woo

We had such an amazing easter with our family this weekend....lots of great family time, food, goodies and a horse show....Kenzie had a blast!!! Miss them already :-(

Addie is 5 Months!!!

Our Baby girl is 5 months old!!! Its still amazes me how fast time goes bye. We are all nice and settled up north and for once I can say that I love our place for the baseball season.

Little miss Addie has had a really big month; she now sits up on her own, rolls over from back to stomach (she sleeps that way) and she also eats rice cereal! I am so proud of my sweet baby girl. she makes her mama such a happy person.

She absolutely adores her sister, only has eyes for her and it melts my heart. I know she cant wait to walk or crawl so she can follow her everywhere. That is going to be interesting to see how Kenzie handles someone else playing with her toys :-)

She loves to sleep and HAS to have her naps, because you better watch out if she doesn't!!!!! She loves to laugh and be tickled and she also loves baseball games....so much entertainment!

Her hair is getting so much longer and its growing in blond and her little eyes are so blue....I know I'm her momma, but she really is so beautiful and she melts all of our hearts more and more each day :-)
Loves to be on her stomach
Silly girl
Eating cereal for the first time!!!!
Sitting up all on my own
What are you looking at?
Heading out for our daily walk :-)
Sweet potatoes!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our little 4 Month Old

Supporting her daddy :-)
Watching cartoons with her sister
trying to sit up on her own :-)

Little Addison turned 4 months on the 23rd of March (yep I'm so behind in the blogging) and it has been a fun, exciting, stressful, and tiring month to say the least! Mackenzie unfortunately got a bad cold and of course she CANNOT stop kissing her sister, so poor little Addie got it too. But when a little baby gets it, its seems to be so much worse. We ended up taking her to to the emergency one night because her breathing seemed pretty bad...they diagnosed her with broncolitis and had to stick little tubes down her nose to suck all the mucous out...poor baby!! Then because she had so much mucous she got an ear infection....bless her little heart!

While all this was going on she also got her two bottom teeth!!!! It shocked us on how fast she got teeth and because all of this her sleep schedule is a little messed up (not fun for mommy) but we are working on it.

Amongst all this she still manages to be the happiest baby in the world. Matt's parents used to call him smiley guy because all he would do is smile all the time. Addison is our smiley girl because that is seriously all she does. She is also sooooo ticklish, it cracks me up whenever we tickle her.

I have a feeling that Addie is going to do things pretty quickly, because of her older sister. She is already trying to sit on her own she can role over from back to tummy and loves to be on her tummy. She wants to do everything that her sister does, she is completely mesmerized by Mackenzie and of course Kenze just loves it.

My little muchie is such a blessing and we are all loving every minute!