Monday, May 10, 2010

17 Months Old!

Wow it seems like it has been a decade since I last blog about our little family! We have been super busy trying to get settled into our new home away from home and our new "baseball" routine. It has been crazy but a blessed couple of months; Mackenzie is growing up so fast, it makes Matt and I so sad sometimes. She is a very active, talkative, and of course ADORABLE little toddler.
Some of Mackenzie favorite things are: Daddy, outside, bath time, bubbles, babies, shoes (i know so funny), books, dancing, her princess phone, and baseball games!!!

Every time we see a baseball game or player she points and says Daddy and claps and laughs...she loves it! We have started to do the "Your Baby Can Read" and she is getting better and better everyday, she knows how to do and say most of the things on the DVD. She knows where her eyes, ears, nose, toes and mouth are and she knows how to say them too. She is also getting much better at please and thank you too:-) So smart! And unfortunately we have already taught her how to be vain because when we ask "who is the most beautiful baby in the world?" she says "ME"!!! So terrible :-) We also have to be extra careful too of what we say because she repeats EVERYTHING.

She aslo has such a diva personality and can get very frustrated with us or something at times so we are working on that, but its really hard not to laugh especially when she sends herself to timeout!

And of course one of the biggest things that has happened to Mackenzie in the past couple of months is.......she is going to be a BIG sister!!! I am due in November and Matt and I are so excited to add to this little family.