Monday, September 13, 2010

21 Months

This is the face that I get now when I say "cheese"
At a really cool park in San Francisco.....she loved the swings
......and the slides!
Mackenzie's blow-up water park!!!!
So refreshing on a 100+ day!
SO FUN!!!!

(I was a terrible picture taker this month.....hopefully I can redeem myself next month)

Now only three more months until she is 2! Can I have a tissue makes me so sad and happy to see my little baby grow up so fast.

She is such the little talker now, her sentences are getting much better and she remembers EVERYTHING! Hearing all her new words and phrases just crack us up, "where binki go?" "there it is!!!" or "bye bye see u morrow" and "go see nana and papa". One of my favorite sayings lately is when Matt has a day game and leaves before she wakes up; when she does get up she says "Daddy bye bye; baseball?". So sweet!!!

She is completely obsessed with her dogs, she wants to be just like them (which of course entails drinking their water and eating their food...yuck) and whenever we are away from them she ask me every single day "see Ruby and Zoey" and I have to tell her "no they are with Nana and Papa". And sometimes she just understands and says "Ruby and Zoey bye bye?"

She loves being outside and playing on the slides, swings or her pool when we are home and she also loves to clean! Yep I have managed to teach my daughter to be as crazy about cleaning as I am. She loves to take any kind of wipe and wash windows, doors and tables. Lately she also hates when there are crumbs in her stroller or her car seat; she will swat them out before she gets in and says "yuck" while she is doing it! Its so hilarious!!!

She also loves to color, whenever ever she draws or makes something she says "look mommy look" because she is just so proud of herself. Counting has become another favorite, she can count up to ten (I think its more recognizing the numbers). She likes to grab a certain number of anything and she will point at each item and try and count " four, five , six!"

We have also moved to the stage where she will refuse to let me feed her; she screams "SELF, SELF" so therefore we leave extra tip at restaurants or use a drop cloths at home because food is everywhere!!! But she is getting better everyday at using her fork and spoon, thank goodness!

Pottey training is our next milestone that we will be tackeling, she loves to sit on her potty and she tells me when she poops or pees. So I'm hoping that it will be easy....I can always pray. We are waiting for baseball to be completley over so that way Matt and I can dedicate a week of not leaving the house and be on full potty training mode.

We all are really looking forward to the off season because there are so many things to look forward too; especially the birth of little Addison. Right now we are going to soak up every moment with Kenze and try and rest as much as we can before we become a family of four!!!