Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Wedding

Pretty Girl
This is where Addie was the happiest so this is were Addie stayed :-)

Dancing the night away :-)

My sister got married last weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point; it was so amazing and so beautiful. The girls were also the cutest little flower girls and Kenzie did wonderful walking down the aisle, she forgot to throw her flowers but since she was so stinking cute no one notice. All in all it was a great weekend spent with family and friends.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Addie is 7 months

With her favorite person :-)
Loves her new hat from Uncle Tay Tay
Crazy Hair!!!
Dare Devil

Little Addie is getting bigger by the minute!!! I cant believe she is already 7 months old; but than again she acts like she is 10 months old so I should not be that surprised!!! She is a master at crawling now and also pulls up on anything and everything and has also started to transfer from things while she stands! It amazes me that she is already doing these things so quickly....lots of people in our family were early walkers and I'm pretty sure Addison will be apart of that group.

Because she is such a master at crawling now, baby proofing has begun. Its definitely a lot harder now that I have a 2.5 year old that leaves EVERYTHING on the ground and a 7 month old that puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!!! It sure keeps this mama very busy, I guess I'm thankful that I have two portable vacuums.....Ruby and Zoey :-)

This has been a very busy month for little miss Addie....we had Family come in town for Fathers Day weekend and celebrated her uncle Tay Tay and Ky Woo graduating from college!!!! Than later that week we hopped on a plane and went back down south for Aunt Amanda's and Uncle Pat's beautiful wedding. We are now back in Sac for a week and then we head back down south again, this time in the car to go home for THREE WEEKS!! We all get to stay in our own beds...even daddy because he is meeting us there for All Star break :-)

Not Only has miss Addie been a busy traveling bee, she also had another friend pop through her mouth....she got a another tooth! This one was not very pleasant for both Mommy and Addie, so we are thankful that it broke through and enjoying this happy time before another one decides to make an appearance..ha!

Stay tuned for next months never no this crazy little baby could be walking! Happy 4th!!!