Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our 10 month old......

Smiley Girl
Beach Babe
Watching her Daddy and sister....oh and the birds!
Helping mommy
Just chillin
"say cheese"

Little miss Addie is 10 months, I have officially started planning her little birthday and I cannot believe it!!! She has changed so much in the past month and is getting bigger every single day. She absolutely HATES baby food and will not open her mouth for that stuff anymore (even if we pin her arms me we have tried) so she is on to bigger and better food. She eats whatever we (or her sister) are eating. Her favorites include, blueberries, cheese, mac n cheese, spaghetti, toast and pancakes. She has 8 little teeth now and is really good at chewing (or I should say gumming) the food. Another thing that little miss Addie is good at is being a monkey.....well at least climbing like one. That kid can climb on almost anything now and knows how to climb down as well.....crazy! She is up on the couch then down, then up on the ottoman then down, and it goes on and on all day. She literally wears her little self out.
She has also taken 4 steps all by herself!!!!! So now I have been following her with the video camera just waiting to catch those little steps on video!!! So exciting but sad at the same time that my baby girl is growing up.

Addie loves to give kisses, dance (so amusing), snuggle with mommy and daddy in bed, be outside, play with her dolls (or anything that is her sisters), her doggies (can't really say the same for them), and her MOST favorite thing in the her little world at the moment is taking a bath (with her sister of course) pretty much ANYTHING that Kenze is doing Addie is usually right behind her...I love it!

She is my little happy, sweet, loving, ball of fire and I just adore that little girl!