Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 Months!!!

Mac and her little Rocking Horse
Holy cow, has half a year really gone by? Goodness it seems like yesterday that little Mac was born. She is getting so big and of course still filling our world with so much sunshine. 

This month has been a big one for Mac, she has her first teeth!! They are so cute and she is such a champ about teething too, hardly ever gets fussy. She now eats three meals a day and has been pretty much introduced to most foods. She loves it too, especially when I feed her in her highchair when everyone else is eating at the dinner table because she feels like such a big girl. She rolls over both ways now, so baby proofing is in my routine because she is all over the place. I think crawling will be in our future real soon because she is starting to do the rock while sitting and she puts her hands down but just cant figure out how to get her legs in the right place. 

We went back down to So Cal for two weeks! It was so wonderful to see all of our family, but so hard to be away from daddy (but i think it was extra hard for daddy). We did so much while we were home but never made it to the actual beach because it was June Gloom down there:( We did make it to the doctor though and Mackenzie is doing great, she is 18lbs 7 oz (95%) and 27 1/2 inches long (100%) so big!!
Papa taught her a new little trick, when you put your hand on her mouth and move it back and forth she makes noises and sounds like a little Indian (bababababa) so cute! She loves doing it so much that now she is starting to do on her own with her toys. Gotta love Papa's for teaching us such neat tricks:) 

We are now back in Sacramento and trying to get back into our routine; Matt is home for most of the month of June which is so nice for all of us.  I think both Mackenzie and I are a little road trip out for awhile, so we are going to enjoy just hanging out with our friends and watching daddy play baseball. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful month!! xoxo
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