Monday, March 8, 2010

15 Months

Our little girl is changing so much! She really does not look like a baby anymore and starting to look like a toddler. She is VERY independent and has to walk EVERYWHERE, but is also a good listener and stays by mommy when she is suppose too:-) Outside is one of the most amazing things to Mackenzie....that's the only place she wants to be and she will be entertained for hours. She throws tantrums when she has to come in.....yes tantrums full blown throwing her head and body on the ground screaming! My child is very dramatic and stubborn which can be good and bad traits:-)

Her hair is getting so long and thick which makes Mommy happy because there are so many new hairdo's that we get to do:-) Along with her hair, Mac's vocabulary is growing by the minute, she says so many words and also repeats a lot too. She also understands most of everything I say like: lets put on your shoes, sit in your chair, outside, sleepy time and so on. She is still very obsessed with the dogs and now her latest is she likes to feed Ruby the dog food from the bowl; surprisingly enough Ruby likes it...go figure. Oh and its just dry or I would be have to pick your battles:-)

She is most definitely all girl...she LOVES babies and now grabs her doll and puts it over her shoulder and pats its back and says ahhhh...SOOO CUTE. She also LOVES cell phones, she has her own princess pink one that she walks around with, flips it open and puts in up to her ear (sort of) and says "hi"....again SOOOO CUTE! She has also really started to like clothes, she loves to pick them out in the stores...she goes through the racks (that she can reach) and says "ohhhhh" and "ahhhh". And of course just like her Mama she LOVES shoes and now picks out what she wants to wear that day, sometimes it what Mommy wants her to wear another times not so much:-)

Matt and I love this stage, as we have loved them all. It makes us sad sometimes because she is just growing up too fast, so we are just soaking up every moment because they fly bye.