Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lake Tahoe

Mackenzie went on her first vacation; we went to Lake Tahoe for the All Star Break. We had such an amazing time just hanging out and relaxing and getting some much needed family time. We went to the beach, went on hikes and ate some great food, good times!! just click on the slideshow to the left so you can see the pictures; I took lots!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

7 Months Old!

                                              Happy 4th!!!!

                                                          Watching the Fireworks!
                                         This is how she rides in her stroller

This has been another big month for little Mackenzie; she is crawling!!! Which she loves so much because she can get anywhere and get into EVERYTHING. Daddy had to baby proof everything because you name and she is in it. She is also starting to pull herself up onto furniture, which she thinks is the funniest thing in the world. She is also a little speed racer in her walker (watch out for your toes!!!) she now goes wherever Mama goes. 
I think her first word is going to be Dada, because she is saying it but I still don't think she knows exactly what she is saying. When you ask her "can you say Daddy?" she gets a huge smile on her face but nothing comes out. 
We went on our first baseball road trip with Daddy to Reno, Nevada for the Forth. We had such a great time and Mac was such a champ staying in the Hotel; nothing phases her not even fireworks! She loved them, we got to go on the field after the game and she sat on Matt's lap and just watched them the whole time. It was SOO CUTE:-) 
Mackenzie and I are going to be keeping the roads extra hot this month, we pick up Daddy this Sunday once he gets to the field from his road trip and head up to Lake Tahoe for All Star break with friends, we are so excited to relax and have some great family time. After Tahoe, Mac and I are heading back down south for eight days to see all the fam. Then we are back up here. Its going to be a busy month but I have the best little companion that tags along with me:-) 

Hope everyone is having such a wonderful Summer.