Friday, June 15, 2012

Where has the time gone......

Well I have finally decided to start blogging again and now I'm doing it on my phone! I feel so tech savvy!

As the title of this blog goes, Where has the time gone!!! It's been about 7 months since I last updated on our crazy but sometimes fun baseball life.

Kenzie is getting way too big and also way too smart. Everyday she amazes me with either something she says or something she does. Currently (and it's been a current for quite a while) is she loves to be a horse, yes that's right a horse. She runs around the house all day neighing and bucking and ALWAYS corrects me when I say her name "no mommy I'm a horse, please call me Barbie". She finished her swim lesson before we met Daddy for the season and was able to jump in the pool and swim to safety by graduation day, I was so proud! She also had a minor surgery on her right thumb to fix her trigger thumb (she could not flex it backwards). Boy was she a champ, she had to be out under with an IV and also had stitches in her thumb for about two weeks and NEVER complained bit even once! She again amazes me everyday, she is so kind and gentle and just wants everyone around her to be happy. I love my little love bug too much!

Addison is truly a character, she is now 19 months old and literally is her sisters shadow. Anything Kenzie is doing or playing with, Addie is right there by her side trying her hardest to do the same. She has quite the little vocabulary going, she can say about 20 different words right now and is starting to form sentences. She is our emotional and very attached child, she wants me to carry her at least 10 times a day and has to ALWAYS know where Mommy is. I know it's a phase so I'm trying to soak up her needy moments but they can get a bit trying at times. But most if the time she just goes with the flow and goodness is she a sweet, cuddly, little baby girl and she is also a platinum blonde!!! It cracks me up that I have a brunette and a blonde, just like my sister and me.

Matt is currently with the Minnesota Twins AAA affiliate, the Rochester Red Wings. So we are in upstate New York and are trying to soak up any family time that we can possibly get during this crazy season of baseball. We are also of course exploring our surroundings and have already been to Niagara Falls (amazing), The Children's Museum, Zoo, Lake Ontario, Berry Patch Farm, any and all jumpy houses, every Carousal in Rochester (a Kenzie favorite) and of course Baseball games! Yes as you can see I like to get my kids out and explore! It's the only thing the actually keeps this Mama from not going insane and it helps the "I want to go home mommy" down to a minimum!

Well that's all from us now, I hope that I will do this a little more now that I can do it on my phone!!!!

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